Our Leaders


Matt Buffo


Major: Electrical Engineering
Involvement: 2 years

I have been with the SDA junior high school project from the beginning. Before becoming president I was co-chair of the projects committee during the Fall 2018 semester. I traveled on our chapters January 2019 implementation trip to Chinderi Ghana. I feel that my time with EWB has helped me to develop a lot of my professional “soft” skills that have enabled me to work more efficiently with teams. I am looking forward to helping our chapter continue to see success with our current project.



Taylor Martin

Vice President

Major: Environmental Engineering
Involvement: 2 years

I have been involved with Engineers Without Borders since my sophomore year and have served as a Marketing Chair, Projects Chair and now Vice-President. I have had the opportunity to travel to Chinderi, Ghana, Africa in January 2019 and had the most amazing experience. Engineers Without Borders has allowed me to grow as an individual professionally and educationally through culturas experiences, working on a real design project for a community, technical writing and teamwork. Engineers Without Borders is an amazing club with a great cause that I urge everyone to join!



John Incha


Major: Civil Engineering, Mathematics, and Physics
Involvement: 1 year

Hello everyone!! I joined EWB in October 2018. I joined last year after the current Vice-President, Taylor Martin, told me to come to a meeting once last fall. Since then, I have been part of the chapter. I have been the secretary since last Spring and I have greatly enjoyed my time with the chapter. EWB provides its members with many benefits; including getting to work on real engineering projects that are actually going to be built. However, this club provides more than just an ability to gain engineering experience, it provides you with many other skills, like technical writing, working on a team, and fundraising to name a few. I would definitely recommend anyone who is interested to join the club!



Skylar Lopez-Kohler


Major: Mechanical Engineering
Involvement: 1 year

I have been involved in Engineers Without Borders at UW-Platteville (EWB-UWP) since Fall of 2018. I am currently the treasurer and have had the incredible opportunity to travel to Chinderi, Ghana during Winterim 2019. EWB-UWP offers excellent opportunities to collaborate with peers and faculty interested in providing humanitarian assistance to communities around the world. I became interested in EWB because I want to begin a career path that gives back to communities on a global platform and EWB was exactly that organization. This Winterim, we will be establishing a team of students to continue building a Junior High School Academic facility as Phase III of our ongoing project within the community. Please stop by the Pioneer Involvement Center or contact your advisor if you are interested in joining us!



Jordan Budiac

Projects Committee Chair

Major: Civil Engineering (Structural and Geotechnical)
Involvement: .5 years

I am the co-chair for the projects team and I help out with design work that needs to be finished along with pre and post trip paperwork. I joined EWB because the last co-chair (Taylor) had asked me for help on some designs and I really enjoyed the people and all that EWB does so I made it a point to keep coming back. I believe people should join EWB since we are a friendly group that will help you gain real world knowledge and problem solving skills all while helping with a great cause.



Anna Drazkowski

Marketing Committee Chair

Major: Broad Field Science- Secondary Education (Physics)
Involvement: 3 years

When I first heard about EWB I knew that it was an organization I wanted to be involved in! I like that I can combine my interest in science and engineering with my love of travel and cultures. I was the grants co-chair for one year and now I have taken on the position of marketing chair. I am hoping to travel to Ghana for the first time within the next year. If you have any interest in EWB I suggest attending some meetings to learn more: we need people with all different majors and skill sets to help us be successful, both in planning and during travel!



Tanner Thompson

Fundraising Committee Co-Chair

Major: Manufacturing Technology Management
Involvement: 4 years

I’ve been with EWB since 2016 where I would occasionally help with projects and volunteer in fundraiser events. In the fall of 2018 I became the fundraising committee chair and made sure we had successful fundraising events, such as bringing back the color run, organizing food and movie sales. I view EWB as a one of the best choices if you’re interested in traveling the world, but for me I chose it so I could help people. During high school I would pick-up bread from bakeries to deliver to the Salvation Army, so I volunteer work for EWB in the same way but to construct schools to communities.



 Luke Neumann

Fundraising Committee Co-Chair

Major: Civil Engineering
Involvement: 1 year

I have only been involved in EWB for one year, but I quickly became passionate about the club and by the end of the school year I decided to run for fundraising chair. I had heard about EWB before I even came to Platteville, so when I learned about our chapter at the involvement fair I signed up right away. I see the club as a great opportunity to do good in a section of the world that may be way out of my comfort zone while at the same time advancing my own professional interests as an engineer. I have not gone on any trips so far but I would like to in the near future!



 Violet Eigner

Grants Committee Co-Chair

Major: Industrial Engineering
Involvement: 1 year

I have been interested in EWB since starting at UW-Platteville. I was drawn to the opportunity to make a huge difference in communities around the world. I finally got involved with the chapter last year after some encouragement from a friend, and I could not be more happy! I am currently one of the Grants Committee co-chairs. This is a wonderful position for me because I get to utilize my love of writing. I am continually impressed with the projects that this amazing chapter is able to achieve!



Ryan DeBusk

Grants Committee Co-Chair

Major: Software Engineering
Involvement: 1.5 years

Hello, I am one of the co-chairs for the Grants Committee this school year where I help out in providing potential grants to help support our projects and travel costs. What made me interested to be a part of this club was the strive in helping communities in need around the world. As well as an upcoming co-chair, I also manage and update the EWB website and eventually hope to be able to travel to Ghana to help in our projects!